about the blogger

im kaylee a 20 year old country girl from north carolina. i am an american sign language (asl) interpter. i spend most of my time working, haning out with my bf and my friends but in my spare time i love going camping & working out. im pretty easy to get along with and can make friends with pretty much anybody. Thanks for vistiting my page. I hope you enjoy. xo
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my obsessions

sign language + shopping + camping + cowgirl boots + sex + sweet tea + working out + tanning + pedicures + chinese food + lifted trucks + duck dynasty + clothes + so much more.

my dislikes

birds + needles + blood + scary movies + sissy biys + stuckup people + bad breath + control freaks + fake girls + being lonely + being told what to do + wasting money + guys with no manners + much more.
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